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Platform and campaign for Triumphant residential complex in Nur-Sultan.

We wanted to solve this challenge elegantly and attractively, while also avoiding the stereotypes of “elite residential” advertising (with gold, kitsch, and smiling pseudo-rich people portrayed by actors, etc).


The Triumphant is situated on the left bank of Ishim river across the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in the downtown Nur-Sultan.

The audience for this part of the city mostly consists of wealthy people, who moved there for work and those who want an apartment in the capital in addition to the “regular” one.

Our goal was to make an advertisement for expensive and outstanding development.

The Platform.

It’s a complex product, not just “square meters” or “investment” – but a project made for life, the certain lifestyle of a certain audience.


An inevitable result of the masterpiece performance: deliberate details, technological accents, сreative passion in every aspect. It all becomes more valuable when the best materials and the highest quality are must-have by the definition.

Triumphant is indeed a triumph of architectural and engineering genius.


We had to find historic parallels of engineering triumphs.

It had to be something that became the touchstone of its category, the symbol of an era or something that changed people’s lives. It doesn’t mean “all people” – maybe just those who care about those little things, for example, vintage sports cars, diamond cuts, or watchmaking dynasties.


Key Visuals


Flying Tourbillon

Human fight against gravity on the tiniest possible scale – which rises its heroes even higher.

A flying tourbillon is a genius triumph bringing us closer to the goal of total independence from the gravity of a hand-made mechanism.


Ad page in a magazine


Impariant Cut

Can perfection be improved? Diamonds, for example?

The invention of an unpaired gem cut has turned the jewelry world upside down – as if the gems were rediscovered.


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Jaguar XK 120

This model was not planned for mass production, but the prototype got so popular that it was produced with almost no adjustments. One of the fastest serial car of the 50s finds its adepts even now. Isn’t it the triumph of an engineering genius?


Ad page in a magazine

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