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F1 showrun

Red Bull® Racing Formula 1® Show Run Almaty.

June 1st, 2014

Almaty, Republic Square

Over 45 000 spectators.

One of the largest public events in Almaty – and we had to work hard for it (some of the things were way out-of-brief for an advertising agency):

  • selecting and approving the location tech specs with the Red Bull Infinity Racing tech director 8 months before the event;

  • securing the event with the city administration and getting all the necessary paperwork and assistance;

  • organizing the logistics for 2 race cars and their accompanying tech team (we literally carried those cars in our hands);

  • event tech preparation: garages, fences, security, crisis plans, etc. Including exotic necessities like wielding the manholes on the street – to prevent them flying up from top-speed racing (turned out, there are a lot of manholes on Satpayev street);

  • negotiating, meeting and helping Alexander “Grinya” Grinchuk drifting team and Mitya Zinovyev stunt team (we’ve all become good friends and found some mutual interests);

  • developing a media strategy and event activation – sounds quite prosaic compared to the other stuff.

And more: media production, meetings, event planning, tech exotics, etc. We can certainly tell you more during a face-to-face presentation.

You see the result:


Some of the shots Nika Kramer had to take from the roof.

The picture can’t transmit the wild sound and the bolt of air coming a second after.

A drift taxi ride from legendary Grinya for legendary Ilya Ilyin.

David Coulthard 

Some of us watched him 20 years ago and had no idea we’d have a chance to meet him and see him piloting the race car live.

5-7 minute rides – otherwise the engine would overheat on such a short distance (only 1.2 km).

Venue branding.

Traditional (private) shots with local flavor.

Official video

Red Bull Formula One Show Run

Republic Square, Almaty.


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