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Flying Bach

It’s not always easy to explain to the biggest opera stage in the capital why is it a good idea to let people breakdance on their stage, accompanied by projections, DJ’s and other stuff.

But after the show was over, there were no more questions.


Red Bull® Flying Bach.

Nur-Sultan, Almaty

November 1st, 3rd, 2013.

Another out-of-the-box Red Bull® project — Flying Bach, a sassy and smart show with music by Bach, by a dramaturgist and experimental director Christoph Hagel and Flying Steps troupe that combines classic ballet and breakdance. We hope you saw it – it’s too good to describe with words.

The agency was responsible for the full technical support (from exotic needs like harpsichord or VJ controllers to routine giant projectors, dressing rooms, rehearsal spaces, etc); securing the venue and project logistics during the preparation period. Also, traditionally, we’ve designed and produced ad materials.


Behind the scenes.


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