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Jump & Freeze

Winter, mountains, snow, Shymbulak, and a bit of self-irony – things we can relate to, and we were happy to see so much support from the “winter bros” right away.


Red Bull® Jump & Freeze.

A season finale at Shymbulak resort.

We did it in 2012 and 2013, arranged the key tech and organization moments in a way that event could exist further on without the agency supervision.

This work was fun and interesting, even though the idea of building a pool at Shymbulak ski resort in January seemed absurd and undoable (without a big preparation, starting in summer).

But it worked out! The pool, the water, and the ramp were there.

But most importantly, there were a lot of happy participants and spectators, who were having lots of fun. We can’t stop thanking the participants: guys, keep it up, and we’ll get to do Flugtag sometime in the future!



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