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Here are some of our past projects in detail.

You can always find the latest works are on our homepage and in the Clients section.

Promo mechanics.

Nationwide promo execution and development of unique mechanic based on important small nuances - details that may be unimportant at first glance, but they certainly hold the campaign together.


Karma: if the brand is eager to build a serious and long relationship with its customers, it has to do it sincerely and lovingly – every gift has to be personal (the value itself is not enough).


Some examples (each one is a full-scale agency project, from the initial idea to prizes delivered to the winners):

Dream dawning with NESCAFE® Gold.
cheeese agency

Promo support of the international brand platform Everything Begins for city residents with medium income. Clerks, upper class, middle age.



  • SMS sweepstakes platform.


  • ideas for the prize – universally attractive, without the focus on generic gadgets (younger audience), easy in logistics (sweepstakes and delivery nationwide);

  • the mechanic of promo code activation and application on current packaging of different SKU's (no special promo packaging possible);

  • everything must be in-line with the global platform.


The grand prize – a trip anywhere!

To participate one has to buy a jar of NESCAFE® Gold, find a promo code in the leaflet under the lid or under the scratch field on the sticker (soft pouch SKU).


Packaging with promo stickers

Leaflet with promo code

Send the code in an SMS or online in a special format: promo code + any place on Earth you’d like to visit.


3 winners got to travel to Dubai, Venice and Palma de Mallorca. For every winner, it was a very first trip to that place. There were three video reports shot in the form of interviews.


Activity trailer, 15 sec

More about this project in the "Platform Development" section.

Nescafe® Gold
cheeese agency
Every second is golden with NESCAFE® Gold.

A promo mechanic under "Enjoy the Taste" platform, an evolution of the previous seasonal promotion – "Every Morning Is Golden".

Middle age city residents with medium income.



  • easy to understand, yet intriguing prize

  • natural update to the last year’s mechanic


Message and idea – every second is golden

Every second of enjoying the rich taste of NESCAFE® Gold is golden.

Grand prize – money.

To add some charismatic spin on the “traditional” prize we’ve added the gaming element to the mechanic (based on the traditional SMS platform).

  • prize ticker was added to the promo site, adding 1 tenge to the current prize every second

  • every sent promo code participated in instant sweepstakes

  • if a code won, a participant got all the money accumulated up to that particular moment

  • the calculator dropped to zero, and accumulation started over.

One could win from 200 to over 100,000 tenge instantly.

There was also the jackpot accumulating during the whole period of the promo – it was drawn between all the participants who had never won an instant prize.

Even without winning instantly, you’re still in the game to win even more.

Promo packaging with a sticker and a promo leaflet

A promo site page with the prize ticker

cheeese agency
Feel Special with NESTLE® chocolate.

A promo stimulation for sales of certain SKU.

Women of all ages.

They share traditional views (including the traditional women's role within the family) and see chocolate as an everyday form of escapism – something personal and motivating.


  • Only certain SKU to be included in the sweepstakes, promo code is printed on the inner side of the packaging.


  • the idea of the prize, attractive and feminine. The prize has to have a value that is more emotional than practical  – it has to leave a very personal and warm memory about the participation.

  • promo organization and execution.


The main prize – An Exceptional Dream Day!

The winner gets more than just a physical prize – a day planned for her pleasure, just like in a movie:

  • limo meeting her by the plane (if she’s not from Almaty) or by her place.

  • luxurious room and breakfast at a posh hotel.

  • half a day with a stylist to help her choose several looks and make her feel like a princess.

  • photoshoot for a fashion magazine.

  • dinner at the sophisticated restaurant and a small gift – a photo album with pictures from this day.

  • all the clothes and accessories stay with the winner.

  • Second-tier prizes included money (every day) and an iPad mini (every week).

Promo site

To participate consumer had to send a promo code via SMS or register it online (with a phone number)


One could instantly win money to top up the phone balance or an iPad mini every week.


Promo trailer, 20 sec

cheeese agency
Christmas with NESTLE®.

A quick sales driver during the holiday season.

Women of different ages, office workers, youngsters.


  • SMS platform is not possible


  • to support the brand idea of “share your tenderness” with a promo mechanic

  • a mechanic that can be realized quickly

  • a universal but holiday season applicable prize


The main prize – Christmas and New Year Holidays in Paris for Two!

This prize is a Christmas miracle. The two of you in the romantic capital of the world. Snowflakes softly swirl in the air, your cheeks are pink from the frost, he hugs you, and you can hear wonderful music from afar and the sound of an old clock tower…


Second-tier prizes included sets of female accessories – clutch bags, watches, and jewelry.


The mechanic of sweepstakes is very simple – instant wins.

To participate one has to enter the promo code from the package on the web page.

The site module instantly checked the unique code and displayed the prize.

If there was no win, another code could be entered right away (just another piece of chocolate).


A cross-platform promo website

Billboard design

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