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Here are some of our past projects in detail.

You can always find the latest works on our homepage and in the Clients section.

The basis of everything is the PLATFORM.

We believe that the basis of any work, whether it is a promotional strategy or “just a billboard design”, is in the set of conscious ideas and hypotheses that can ensure the correct direction of action is taken – in other words, a platform.


It’s not a “thought that must go through every smallest piece of the campaign”, but rather the main principle that gives the understanding of what to do in every case, for every channel, format, and medium.


A platform can be unnoticed by the end customer – it is not the main purpose of it. Yet, if the relationship between the brand and its customer is a journey, the platform, therefore, is a map (without it, the brand can travel endlessly, getting closer or further away from the goal, even enjoying the trip overall, but without realizing the uselessness of these non-systematic attempts).


We just love the platforms.

Here are some of the examples of a different scale:


cheeese agency

The strategy of image renovation of the large bank – how to acquire something new without losing the values gained before.

cheeese agency

The campaign for a developer – how to advertise to be noticed, while being distinctive and direct.

cheeese agency

The idea of the slogan and positioning for an independent investment company.

cheeese agency

A promo activity platform and prize ideas for sweepstakes mechanic.

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