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TOYOTA Corolla is celebrating its 50th birthday.

This anniversary model differs substantially from its origin. It has evolved and changed – from a humble busy bee and has blossomed into the charismatic city business sedan.

The new model is bigger and has acquired some features previously unexpected for Corolla models.

It’s much more attractive now, inside and out.

NewCool Corolla has transformed.


For the new model presentation and as its hero-model-display we’ve developed and installed a demo stand that transforms visually. We’ve used the optical illusion: depending on the sight angle one background changes the other. To enhance the flip effect we’ve produced an installation made of 3D letters that read «New Cool» from one side, and «Corolla» from the other.


New Cool



The result is displayed at the Toyota Jetysu showroom in Almaty.

Aside from the demo stand, there was an interactive robot, a test about the new model with gifts from Toyota Jetysu, souvenirs for younger visitors and more.

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