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NESCAFE® Gold promo


The legendary coffee brand had renewed its global positioning.

The new idea of “Everything Starts with Nescafe” did not have international TV commercials or visuals backup suitable for all audiences. But the plan to hold the nationwide promo is already there.


  • Develop the idea of nationwide promo mechanics and execute the sweepstakes


Must have:

  • ideas for the prize – universally attractive, without the focus on generic gadgets (younger audience), easy in logistics (sweepstakes and delivery nationwide);

  • the mechanic of promo code activation and application on current packaging of different SKU's (no special promo packaging possible);

  • everything must be in-line with the global platform.


The platform

Why would this “SMS sweepstakes” be different from dozens of others?

What would be the grand prize from a brand It All Starts with...? How can say “the world is yours” with just one gift?


Anything...literally ANYTHING starts with NESCAFE® because every good morning that begins with the smell of coffee can become the best day of your life - the most productive, interesting, full of events, surprises, meetings, and fun.

Every morning opens the whole universe of opportunities for every one of us – don’t let yourself forget about it. And every morning cup of coffee can open every corner of the world for you.

The participant buys NESCAFE and activates the promo code via SMS with the name of the city where they would like to wake up (and watch the dawn). The winner gets a trip to a stated place. That means participants choose the prize themselves.

It’s easy!

Promo Mechanic

The grand prize – a trip anywhere!

To participate one has to buy a jar of NESCAFE® Gold, find a promo code in the leaflet under the lid or under the scratch field on the sticker (soft pouch SKU).

Send the code in an SMS or online in a special format: promo code + any place on Earth you’d like to visit. Or do the same on the promo site.

Also the site offered an extra way to participate by writing an essay, “Dream dawning with NESCAFE® Gold». The winner was determined by an open vote in social media who also won the extra grand prize.

Our winners got to travel to Dubai, Venice, and Palma de Mallorca. Each trip was accompanied by a video interview.

Sticker for the packaging and promo leaflet (under the lid)

Key Visual & Design


Key Visual

City Box

Promo website

TVC promo-tag


TV Commercial 15sec

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