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Big Changes

We all know about the magical power of something new: once you get it (whether it is a new car, new pair of shoes, new game, vinyl or a pair of pants) – the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, and everyone is looking at you and smiling happily – a wonderful feeling of ownership pushes routine out of your world.


And even school can become a place where you want to be if you’ve got something to show — with a cool backpack a big change is waiting for you!


Back to school campaign for MARWIN.

We’ve developed the idea, key visuals and design templates for store decor and digital materials. We have also created video ads (for cinemas and internet) and developed a promo-activity for malls (you can try a backpack on, and get a 3D pic fo yourself with stereo-glasses to look at it later).


Back to school has never been this cool.


We’ve developed and produced:

a series of key visuals in a unique style to communicate with different age groups within the campaign.

two 15-second videos about Big Changes for cinemas.


a “music video” Cool Backpacks’ Rap for digital placement and direct mailing. A photo-shoot and a little more than 300 pics made manually.

Promo-mechanics for malls: try one of the backpacks and get a 3D-photo, show it at the cashier at MARWIN and get free stereo-glasses.

Design templates for POS decor.

T-shirts for staff and plastic bags design.


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