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Be Her…


March 8th is a holiday usually considered a women’s day. But if we look out on the streets, who do we see? Many men busy with joyous holiday preparations: they run from store to store, their faces shine with joy, their eyes radiate happiness. You can tell – they’re loving it: an extra donation to the flower shop, hours spent looking for that exact cosmetics bag, gift packaging – anything that can distract them from boring manly things (like football, work or gym). Only it’s not true.


The one true thing about all this is that this is the day when every man can do their best, annul previous misses and become a real hero for his loved one – with a bouquet and a perfect gift. This is the day when the right decision and the right gift choice can in seconds make you her Prince on a White Horse, a Magician of Her Soul, a Captain of Her Dreams, her most-super-most-loved man (husband, dad, son, uncle or a friend).


This is why it’s so important to choose where you buy those gifts: firstly, they have to have a range, secondly, they have to understand you!

Happy women’s day, men. Hang in there!

Development of idea for the holiday campaign and ad materials production, development of templates for store decor and digital placement.

Radio reels:

MARWIN 8 Марта - Русский язык, 20сек.
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MARWIN 8 Марта - Казахский язык, 20сек.
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