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Communication platform for Centras Securities®

How to present briefly and straight to the point?

How to put all the passion and curiosity in several words?


Young, successful, bold, and ambitious investment company – a team of young analysts, “those guys”, who returned home after graduating from prestigious universities in the West to work and earn even more, who see conservatism as a form of stagnation and who are allergic to stereotypes and inertia.

Brief: develop the idea and slogan for the brand.

The Platform

To the point – without any “word magic. We don’t lie about things we can’t do and we are sure about things that are within our competence. We’ve studied well.


“Perhaps, we’re not very good at cloud programming and we can’t build eco-cars (whatever it means). But we’re pretty sure we know how to earn dividends on that.

We’ve learned from the people who came up with the idea”.

In short, We Know How!


Key Visual

Sketches and slogan variations for magazine ads, A4

cheeese agency
cheeese agency
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