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When the whole world (or part of it) is going crazy about soccer, it's time to think about the most important person in this sport – the fan.
The promo campaign for fans and about the fans – Player #12.
A special twist to everyone's favorite burgers and 3 participation mechanics: if you’re not lucky once, you’ll get your chance in the following one!

Key visuals stylized as football fans.

The product is personified.

BK #12 collectable promo-cards

With every order, you get a game card.

It might be one of 3 types:

you win the prize instantly

you get the code for online prize game

you get the collectible card (but it makes sense, too)

You can bet (or vote!) for your favorite team on the special landing page and get a prize if it wins. 

But if you’re not that lucky right away, you can collect a set of 4 teams (e.g. Group A) and win a gaming console.

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