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A large bank with an impressive pool of important clients, with a long history and long credentials. In the corporate market, it has an image of a conservative and moderate bank that doesn’t rush decisions. A good bank to do business with.

In the retail consumer segment, on the contrary, the bank had been losing to more active and aggressive competitors with bright offers and colorful new ads every week. CenterCredit Bank had been quiet for several years.

Our goal was to create the retail consumer image for the bank while keeping the idea of the conservative and moderate market player (which was still necessary to important business clients).

The Platform.

This is a bank for people because it's run by them.

They do their best at work and return to their homes in the evening – to their wives and children, they are looking forward to the weekend to visit their parents.

This is a bank that works because it consists of people that share simple human values: doing your best, being honest and open-minded, being brave, and keep trying again and again to achieve the end goal. “We don’t just work – we live by true, real, and traditional values”.

In all senses, it is a Bank of Traditional Values.

As a result, we’ve developed the campaign containing 3 stories under the slogan “Bank of Traditional Values” (which is still used by the bank).


“Bank of Traditional Values”

Birthday, 30sec

“Bank of Traditional Values”

Every Morning, 20sec

“Bank of Traditional Values”

Words, 15sec

Key Visual

Horizontal 3х1

А3 poster



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